What is Ethereum ?

Outline of Ethereum

Ethereum is a generic term for applications and platforms that are being developed by the Yearariam Project since 2013.

The unit called “Ether” that you pay to use this Ethereum is commonly called “Ethereum” and is traded as a virtual currency. In the symbol, it is written as ETH.

Characteristics of the Ethereum

The characteristic of the Ethereum is the technology called “Smart Contract”. When trading, it is possible to describe detailed contractual information such as “tenants and lenders”, “amount and collateral”, “repayment date and time”, and automatically execute contracts at the contract deadline.

From now on, with popularization of the Ethereum that implements Smart Contract, the era may come when money can be exchanged without the need of a third party such as a bank.

The future of the Ethereum

Currently, Ethicalium occupies the second largest market capitalization after bit coin, and it is hoped that in the future it will pull out bit coin by market capitalization.

In February 2017, more than 20 companies and banks including Microsoft, Intel, JPMorgan Chase and others gathered and founded an organization “EEA” to use Ethereum.

Purchase method of Ethereum

In order to purchase an enterprise, it is necessary to open an account (account) with “exchange” which provides the trading service of Ethereum first. After that, I will deposit an Ethiariumu by paying it to my account by bank transfer etc. method.

Purchase of Ethereum

There are Coin Check, Bit Flyer, BIT Point, QUOINEX etc in Japan where you can buy an Electrician.

Exchange on Ethereum

Investment in Ethereum

In September 2014, Ethereum was presaled at “26 yen” per 1 ETH. It will be officially released in August 2015 and will be around “120 yen” and in 2016 will be around “1000 yen”.

In March 2017, due to the influence of the US SEC denying the Bitcoin ETF, the price rose to about “3000 yen”, then the price continued to rise, and in June 2017 it is trading around “40000 yen per ETH” .

The phenomenal price rise of “1500 times” in the period of less than three years from the presale is a very attractive investment. I do not think it will continue to rise in price at this pace, but I think that it is a promising investment destination among a number of virtual currencies.